Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need a Piano?
A proper piano is best to practise on, even for complete beginners. However, a full-sized keyboard can be used to begin with, but not for long. I hope my students and parents can appreciate that a piano is really needed for effective tuition. We will discuss this issue further if there are any concerns. There are rental schemes available from music shops for parents who can not commit to buying a piano straight away, see Resources.

Do I have to provide Music books?
Yes, music books are a must for lessons. Please make sure that books are brought to every lesson. I will provide a list of books to buy according to individual progress. Please order your music books as soon as possible. For suggestions where you can purchase Music books, see Resources.

How much practice should I do?
I will always help my students build up their practice routine. Four times a week is typically the minimum for steady progress. Shorter practice more often is better than longer practice less often. I will advise with regard to ability and age.

Do you do home visits?
No, I teach from home where all my supporting materials are at hand.

Do you provide a waiting room during my child's lesson?
Sorry but I can not provide waiting facilities for parents. You might find this is common for most instrumental teaching.

My child/children goes to private school, can you accommodate their timetable?
I have students from all sorts of different schools. I follow Cambridgeshire county council’s school timetable which is fairest to locally-based students. Please see for the times. Sorry that I cannot accommodate individual need.

Can parents sit in and observe the lesson?
Parents are sometimes requested to occasionally sit in on lessons, where it will be helpful to the student's progress. However, if you have any issues or concerns and wish to observe a lesson, please let me know and we can discuss it.

For any other queries, please Contact me.